News Update

Jan 5, 2017
The lazy days of summer don't mean we should be lazy with our skin care regime; in fact, it means we should be even more diligent!

VERVE SKIN REHABWe want you to look and feel great

Verve is a multifaceted PARAMEDICAL SKIN THERAPY centre specialising in non-invasive procedures.

We offer a full array of services for your face & body. Our professional ‘Pastiche Method’ trained therapists’ can create an individual program designed to exceed your expectations!

We are the link between dermatology & cosmetics, giving you many options before plastic/cosmetic procedures are considered. Our extensive knowledge & industry expertise will support the success & longevity of these treatments.

We are huge believers in utilising, repairing & enhancing your own cell capabilities to get wonderful long term results. We are not about "quick fixes" & offer 2 streams of anti-ageing treatments to reflect this approach.

We offer very reasonable prices to ensure affordability for everyone – our treatments are too good to miss out on, so please take advantage of our extensive skill set...